Cómo liberar Mango en dispositivos Samsung

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20 Jul 2011, 11:13# 1

Mango vuelve a bloquear el dispositivo de actualización...

Acabo de encontrar este tutoria en XDA-Developers.... Siento mucho no poder traducirlo, lo he intentado, pero la mitad del procedimiento no se entendia lo suficiente como para entenderlo.

Ruego, si alguien es capad de traducirlo de una forma que se entienda, ME AVISE Y LO PUBLICAMOS !!!

Aqui lo teneis:



IF you have updated to mango, roll back to 7392 or earlier.

make sure it's unlocked.

Then you needs these files(1-4 are contained in the Omnia7 mango JB.zip )


2)WP7RootTools 0.5 alpha.xap

3)language.xml (this is for chinese languages,can be omitted)


5) Diagnosis app(ver 1xxx)

Note : If your Diagnosis version is 0929 or earlier, you should uninstall it and dial ##634# under 7932.

By doing this you can update your Diagnosis app.

Before updating to mango

1)copy language.xml and unlock.xml to rootfolder/picture/ via Wp7UsbStorageEnabler

2)deploy WP7RootTools 0.5 alpha.xap and copy the xml file(s) to provxml/ in the root folder (create one if provxml folder doesn't exist)

note :

the file name will change after being copied to phone.

Look for it under /My Documents/Zune/Content, including sub-folders.(size is the clue)

You can look through /My Documents/Zune/Content/0400 first.

Don't forget to rename the xml files to original one.

3)exit WP7RootTools and enter diagnosis(##634#),open GPRS settings (*#9908#).

click "Select GPRS" and you will see the xml file(s). dont choose any of them.

Just click Save.

note : Don't update to mango if you can't find unlock.xml in GPRS settings!

You can't jailbreak mango without unlock.xml.

If you want chinese,you should choose language.xml then save. the Unlock.xml is used after updating to mango.

After Updating to Mango

after updating to mango,enter diagnosis->gprs settings,and choose the unlock.xml then save.

No rebooting needed.

All done.Enjoy

Problems and solutions


It's confirmed that Diagnosis(ver 0929 or earlier) can't find the xml file in the GPRS settings.

The Diagnosis version is different according to which rom you are using.

Rogers -> 0929

Att -> 1122

If your Diagnosis version is 0929 or earlier, uninstall and dial ##634# to reinstall it again (in 7392).

It will update the Diagnosis app.

If it still not work:

Reflash to AT&T 7004 > Open Diagnose > Unlock > 7008 > 7390 > Open Diagnose (still 929) > Uninstall Diagnose > Open ##634# again, and it's already updated.(Thanks to minori_aoi, http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=15368673&postcount=55 )

Note :

If your phone is updated to 7392 with the OEM registry information (ATT-US) deleted, the Diagnosis won't be updated.

If the unlock.xml is still missing in the GPRS settings, here is a solution:

Copy&paste unlock.xml in another way:

1)In 7392, download and deploy New_SMS_Unlock.xap.

2)Browse with WP7 Root Tools to Applications\Install

3)Search for a folder which starts with D19A80F2-1717.....Then you will find the unlock.xml

Then do as above.

I don't know what's the difference between the unlock.xml in New_SMS_Unlock.xap and the normal one.

Both size and content are the same.

But it just worked on hx4700 Killer's focus.

See http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...91&postcount=5 for detail

Thanks to contable and hx4700 Killer.


Zune will start automatically when the phone is connected.

Then you will see nothing in WP7 phone's folder in the Explorer.

Here's the solution:

When the phone s connected,open phone's folder in Explorer as fast as you can.

This make Wp7UsbStorageEnabler connect with your phone before Zune.

You can also close Zune when it appears.

About C-Reader

C-Reader is a fascinating ebook reading app and the developers are working hard to make it optimized for mango.A beta release will soon be published including some "mango features" like extremely fast resuming and background downloading.I hope you guys could have try~~

App link: http://wp7applist.com/en-US/app/16650/creader


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29 Sep 2011, 02:03# 2

Esto funciona? porque juro que vuelvo a la 7392 si no me deja jugar a ningun juego de los que tenia...

"A caballo regalado... Gracias!!" XD
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04 Oct 2011, 17:25# 3

Ya está solucionado, gracias! simplemente de desinstalé el "DIAG" que tenia y le instalé el de Mango, que se me había olvidao!! :)

Un saludo!

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